Sheny Espinosa
Spectacular experience! I’ve been going to Claudine Zumba Classes for over a month already and I just love it!! Her charisma is contagious and it makes the class super easy to follow. Plus, she has a very good selection of songs that are gonna make you dance and have so much fun. Go, you won’t regret it!
valentina544bbg ramsbott
She is an amazing teacher and funny!!! She makes my week happier!
B Mont
Love it! Easy parking, spotless & beautiful studio with an amazing instructor. The class is full of fun, great ladies.
carrie goldstein
This is the best Zumba class I have ever taken! The Zumba instructor is amazing, her dance, her guidance, and her happy soul are really cheer me up. I am just so so enjoyed the class and burned at least 500 calories, ho ho, I am getting super fit again!
nancy alvarez
Fitness and Zumba classes with Claudine couldn’t be more perfect. She is an amazing instructor with a lot of experience. Her classes are filled with so much positive energy you will leave recharged!!!
Claudine is an outstanding zumba and fitness instructor for all ages. She has helped me transform my life by exercising and keeping my mind in a positive momentum. If you are looking to improve your physical and mental strength, consult with Claudine.
Carmen Caban
Claudine is awesome!! Best fitness and Zumba class Ever! Claudine is Super professional, fun, energetic and positive. You feel renewed in mind and body after her classes. Her classes are the best!
Mónica Tirado JP
After years of looking for the right fitness class, I found it with Claudine. I tell her she's a one stop for all your wellness/fitness needs. She's extremely professional and pays attention to detail like I haven't seen before. It's like having a personal trainer without paying for the best personal training prices. To top it off the group of women who attend her fitness classes are top notch. We inspire, help and motivate each other. It has turn into a fitness family for me. My body has changed in one year to where I didn't think it was possible. Now I have a new goal to reach my fittest by 50
Rachelle Hoffman
It’s so refreshing to find someone who is not only professional and punctual, but also super attentive to your evolving workout goals. She really takes the time and care to focus on proper form while ensuring that you are always pushing to get stronger! I couldn’t be happier!
Excelente clase de Zumba, la música es increible y las coreografias son faciles de seguir pero sin duda ayudan al ejercicio diario! Super recomendada
La energía de Claudine es contagiosa. Su clase de Zumba es única. Si eres novata en zumba o súper abanzada, no importa esta clase es para ti. Ven y diviértete mientras te ejercitas. Claudine está llena de energía, pasión, alegría y muchas cosas más. El deseo que le pone a cada una de sus clases (y a todo lo que hace) es único. Ven y prueba una clase y te aseguro que no te arrepentirás. ??
Si es tu primera vez bailando, si ya lo has hecho pero no has encontrado buena música o buen ambiente, si necesitas atención especial por alguna debilidad o problema en tu cuerpo ( Como yo que tengo escoliosis ), si la quieres pasar excelente mientras haces ejercicios, Claudine es la profesora para ti. Yo llegue a su clase en enero 2017 y estoy dichosa. Físicamente me siento muy bien, saludable y lo mas importante de todo voy muy feliz a mi clase. Claudine nos llena de energía y aprendemos todos los días. Además de lucir espectacular tiene un corazón mas grande que ella. Estas clases se han convertido en terapia para mi y esto no lo encontraran en ninguna otra clase de zumba. Prueben y verán.
Ya han pasado por lo menos 5 años desde que conocí a Claudine, ella es el ejemplo de pasión genuina en lo que hace y siempre está atenta a que todos los que hacemos sus clases nos sintamos que SI PODEMOS! Su capacidad de atender a cada una de nosotras es como si la clase te la diseñara solo para ti pero no! es el talento y la magia que ella tiene en cada una de sus clases. Gracias! Y que continúe la ZUMBA!!!
Claudine es una excelente instructora y una bella persona. Vengan a disfrutar con nosotros!
Pero si estás buscando un lugar con corazón, pasión, alegria, gente con buena vibra, y quemar calorías ???? busques más!!! Claudine es y será siempre la persona que te dará eso y mas, ya que ella entrega en cada clase el alma con su constante entusiasmo y ritmo. No espero el día para ir de nuevo y disfrutar de todos los beneficios que SU clase hace para mi, mentalmente, físicamente y emocionalmente!!!! Gracias mi querida Claudine .
Location, easy parking, amazing instructor, great group of people. it’s a party in the morning....don’t miss it
Claudine es una excelente instructora, para mi la mejor del mundo!!!!! Sus clases son divertidas , dinámicas y fáciles de seguir...... realmente para mi son lo máximo!! 1000% recomendada!!!!
This is the best Zumba class I have ever been to. Claudine’s enthusiasm and positive energy is contagious. She has inspired me to live a healthier and more active lifestyle!!
Claudine es una excelente instructora de zumba y fitness workout, muy porfesional con muchísima experiencia, en un excelente sitio de trabajo, buena música. Vengan y disfruten de su clase no se van a arrepentir
The best Zumba class in town! The instructor, Claudine, is a true professional. I have never had so much fun while getting a great cardio workout! This Zumba class has become part of my weekly routine that I always look forward to!
Great workout. Love it ??!!!
The best Zumba class in town! The instructor, Claudine, is a true professional. I have never had so much fun while getting a great cardio workout! This Zumba class has become part of my weekly routine that I always look forward to!
The Best instructor 100% recommended. Nice place
My happy every morning!!! Simply the best!!!
Amazing Zumba instructor!! I was searching for a high energy, fun, fit, and caring Zumba instructor and then I found Claudine. She is not only an amazing dancer but a wonderful human being. Her music is great and she always try to keep us motivated. Would recommend her class to anyone looking for a fun way to burn some calories.
Best Zumba instructor...ever!!
Fantastic class with lots of positive energy, great music and an amazing instructor!
Great Instructor, great place , amazing music ... .excelente ambiente!!!
I really like the vibe of this place. Claudinne "happiness" is really contagious!!!!
Claudine is an amazing zumba instructor, her music and energy make her classes fun. Although she makes us work hard, we have so much fun and we laugh and dance like we were in a party.
Claudine is more than a Zumba instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable about fitness, human physiology, different forms of dance and their origins, and an amazing motivator! She is also positive, kind, friendly, and fun to be with. Her 2-hour workouts are the best!
Claudine is an amazing Zumba instructor, she gives me souls of dancing, the spirit of exercise, her music and her energy just hits up every single cell of my body. I have been following her for couple of months, and I already lost 30 pounds! 30 pounds, can you believe it? Without her motivation and guidance I can't achieve this much! This studio's location is excellent, parking is also convenient , I love every time I finish my class I can directly go to grocery shopping as the Whole Food supermarket is just nearby!
Claudine is my amazing mother and has been involved in Zumba since it literally began... She has also been a fitness addict for as long as I can remember! It is in her nature to be a dedicated and hard-working person. Working with her has made me realize what a great motivation she is to people around her, including me. Her work ethic, professionalism, and committment to her students is admirable. Apart from being this professional, she is very kind and understanding to everyone.
Zumba With Claudine is not only an amazing hour of cardio fit dance, it is the best hour that leaves you with the endorphins you need for the rest of the day! Claudine is an experienced Zumba instructor with great knowledge and professionalism. I've been following her classes for the last 16 years and incredible she keeps getting better and better!!!
Claudine is just the most amazing Zumba instructor I have ever had. When I first started doing Zumba a few years ago, I was nervous, inept and directionally challenged. Claudine took me by my hands and walked me through the steps! This is just one example of how caring and wonderful she is! And it's because of her, I am now doing Zumba 4 times per week as her enthusiasm, energy and love for Zumba and her students is infectious and motivating! And each and every time I take her class, I feel totally uplifted because she has made Zumba not only a form of exercise for me but a mind, body and soul experience that carries me throughout my day!????
Claudine is a terrific Zumba instructor. Excellent way to work on your cardio fitness while having fun.